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released January 1, 2014



all rights reserved


SUBLEVEL Duisburg, Germany

Wir sind SUBLEVEL,

ein junges, dynamisches Radau-Unternehmen aus dem Metropolenzusammenschluss Duisburg-Essen
Unser Produkt ist der Metal, dem wir uns vor allen Dingen mit Hingabe und Leidenschaft widmen.
Das Team besteht aus Marvin (Chief Guttural Entrepreneur), Sebastian und Dominik (Intertonal Shred Experts), Martin
(Executive Blast Coordinator) und Chris (Gewerkschaftsführer der Tieftöner).
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Track Name: Odysseia (Demo)
I am the path of the righteous
I'll be your last goodbye

We can't pretend
I see, I sense

The rising tide of mediocrity
Disincentive to the sake of our kind
Parallels in everything you perceive
Paralyzing everyone


The masses yearn for salvation
But it is yet to be found
No technocratic solutions will last

This is the age of betrayal
The villains victimized by the above

I will lean back and watch you drive
The world to the ground
Delightfully grinning at your
Self-induced fall

This is the end
The end of the world

I, I am the path of the righteous
I'll be your last goodbye
We stand before a thousand times
I'll be your last goodbye

I am the path of the righteous
I'll be your last goodbye
We stand before a thousand times
I'll be your last goodbye
Track Name: Lotophages (Demo)
This dulcet taste absconds myself from misery
Obnibulates - miserable took for granted
I will not drawn into daily grind of human life
I won't accept my fate

You speak in false tongues, your greedy mouth cannot be cleansed
Criticize my vice, I cannot but send you deaf
Inebriation, earth's bald face must be erased
Intoxication, one more dose will not suffice

All help I seeked, all hope I lost - there's no escape
Everyday it seems like I am lifting the weight of the world

There's no escape from being a spot in immortal vastness
Track Name: Empire (Demo)
You have the world at your fingertips,
An uninterrupted Stream of Information.
But does it enrich your being?
Or does it relocate your conscience?

Are you left disempowered?
With every question ever asked?

Haunted by an oracle that knows nothing, than what it's being fed.

Not by the hands of what we came to call all mighty forms.
But erected by morbid conspiring beings hiding in the obscurity of namelessness.

Is this what we call truth?
Is this what we call truth?
Is it more than a lie agreed on?

Coldly calculated tools used to stultify the ones they lead into damnation...
Into damnation...

Forgive, for I had seen all.
(For I have seen)
(And did nothing but to watch the world…)
...being Diven
(Being driven)
Into the ground
(Into the ground)
Being driven into, into the ground.

I, who once walked the path of the righteous...

Now barricades are being set up,
We all being threatened by the expansions